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Travellers point wanted me to verify the new ip address - which seems kinda frigging daft for a travelling blog! But it then wouldn't send the verification email to me. So here we are.

Woke to a foggy morning - wtf Canberra? It's January! No bother to us though as we have a leisurely train ride at 11.45 to get us to Sydney. Then a quick cab to the Pullman at Mascot and probably an early night. I managed to get to sleep by 11, was awake at 1, back to sleep around 2, and then awake properly at 5.30. Em had a similar on again off again relationship going on with sleep last night but has been awake since 4.

Had a change of heart about my bag situation yesterday. The original plan had been to take carry on bags and nothing else. Which I managed - all 12 kgs of stuff squished into my bag. But that's heavier than you're allowed so I'd decided we'd just check our luggage anyway. But the thought of the cargo dudes throwing it into the hold and my bag exploding on impact made me rethink it. So I switched bags last night and felt much more at ease. All my stuff fitted and it's still under the rules of what constitutes an 'oversized' bag for the Shinkansen. JR brought out a rule in 2020 that limited the number of oversized bags that people could take on their busiest shinkansen lines. They didn't ban big bags, nor did they charge you for them - you just had to purchase a seat that is near one of the storage bays. I knew about this because of the original Olympics trip that we had booked for 2020 and I'm glad I did, because the misinformation that's out there about this 1 simple rule is mind blowing. So bag is sorted.

Will pop back in for an update later. Off to finish getting stuff done here.

Jaa mata ne

Cab booked for 1050 so we can arrive in plenty of time to check our bags in to Sydney. Cab msgs me and says I'll be there at 1110. Me rings - no you won't. He arrives, grumpily at 11, and I don't give a shit - it's one less stress I don't want to deal with.

The train ride itself was fine - but the noisy, screamy, annoying children in front of us with the mother and grandmother who didn't think of anyone but themselves were maddening to the point where I had a headache before we made it to the Southern Highlands. Em and I managed to get a bunch of reading done on our kindles which was nice, also played some killer.

Ad (Em) dum - I actually smashed mum at killer.

Arrive at Central, cab it out to Mascot, connect with the cabbie over stupid slow drivers. Go to the priority check in at the Pullman and get told to go and stand with the plebs....manager pulls up my booking and gives the person who told me to move a greasy look. Gold status asshat!

The staff are warm and helpful. We have free breakfast along with canapes and drinks this evening - loyalty pays. Up to the room - welcome gifts and sparklng water as well as a high floor with an amazing view.

Down for canapes at 5.30 - book in for dinner at 6. Have a lovely meal which is both plentiful and delicious - oishi desu!

As we're eating, Em receives an email from Philippine Airlines to say they've moved out flight back a little over 4 hours. Annoying but relatively easily fixed and just means 5 hours less in the hotel.

Finish dinner, swan over to reception and ask the absolutely delightful girl at the desk if I can invoke my gold status and get late checkout. So we're welcome here till 2.

Up to the room, hotel in Manila emailed to alert them of the change so that they can sort out the transport pick up with the new time (Email just received from concierge saying new time noted - they've been amazing!). Chamomile tea is about to be made. and two very sleepy de Bont's are going to crash early.

Hopefully tomorrow won't include us having our flight cancelled or me not being allowed to leave the country (one of my current fears!).

Till tomrorow.

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Wow !!What a way to start. Didn't do a word count but if you keep this up you'll have a book.
Looking forward to many more entries.
Bon Voyage.

by greynomadm

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